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How often to feed a kitten

How often to feed a kitten

The growth rate for kittens is an increase in weight of 100 g per week. However, kittens do not know how to eat, and can consume much more food than they need. Therefore, a caring owner must balance the diet and give the pet a sufficient amount of food so that it does not starve, but does not overeat. Easy to find balance.

Compliance with the feeding schedule

At the age of 2-3 months, a kitten, as a rule, already moves from mother’s milk to a ready-made diet. At this time, the kitten needs to be fed regularly and saturated. He or she should be fed small meals 5 times a day.

It is important to remember that in the first three months of life, the kitten’s digestive system improves, and the skeleton becomes stronger. A combination of dry and wet rations is recommended to provide it with all the nutrients in the right proportions. A package of wet food should be divided into four servings that the kitten can eat during the day, and leave 23-28 g of dry food for a snack.

kitten asks to eat

Three months later, the kitten is transferred to three meals a day. For breakfast, he needs to give a bag with wet food, and for lunch and dinner – half a bag with wet food. It is also recommended to leave 33 g of dry food for daily snacks.

In this mode, the kitten should be fed throughout the year, increasing the amount of dry food by only 1 g per month.

Kitten overeating control

If the kitten meows and looks miserably at the owner, this does not mean that he is hungry. Perhaps he just needs to be affectionate. You can’t replace her with food!

It’s important to keep an eye out for signs that your pet is full: “This is very important:

  • Rounded, but not too inflated stomach;
  • Lick
  • Happy rumbling.

However, the kitten may not be able to prove that he was not full enough.

In this case, it is characteristic of him:

  • Restless behavior;
  • An attempt to take possession of the hands of the owners;
  • To bite or suck fingers;
  • Continued squeak or meow.
  • Kittens should not indulge and feed. It is recommended to give him less food to avoid digestive problems.

With proper nutrition, your kitten will grow up healthy, beautiful and free from obesity and other diseases that can lead to overfeeding.

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