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How to raise a kitten correctly and accustom to good behavior

How to raise a kitten correctly and accustom to good behavior

To communicate with your pet brought joy, you need to take care of his education at the right time. How to teach a kitten good manners? After all, it is on this that the future life of not only the animal, but also all those who live with it in the same house depends.

Beginning of kitten training

A kitten under the age of 6 months best learns the rules of behavior and manners, and most of the skills – both good and bad – the kitten remembers up to 3 months. But even at an older age, a kitten is able to learn the rules of a good mood. You can educate him, and the main thing in this will be an understanding of the cat’s perception of the world.

Like young children, kittens should be supervised, cared for, fed and loving. From the very first days of his appearance in the house, he must get used to certain rules of behavior. Animals must know what they can and cannot do.

We must remember the main rule of raising a kitten – never punish him, because he will not understand the connection between punishment and a specific misconduct.

Kittens have short memories, so after 8-10 seconds after the performance, they simply do not understand the reason for your discontent.

the kitten lies

Punishment does not solve the problem

First, imagine that the kitten went to the toilet past the tray, you came home, saw him and punished. Think you did the right thing? But the animal thinks very differently. He is glad to see you again, he runs to meet you, and you hit him in a puddle, wave your arms and raise your voice. The animal, of course, will consider you inadequate, your behavior – unpredictable, and your surrounding world – fragile. As a result, the kitten will more actively defend its territory, marking it. And you will get the exact opposite result.

Any unwanted behavior of the animal must be prevented at the time of the offense. You can scare the cat with a cotton or spray spray. Repeat these steps until your cat gets used to bad behavior and understands what she is doing wrong.

Rules must be observed

A kitten or adult cat should be nurtured in accordance with the laws of the wild, not human society. After all, they do not understand that today you are a good person and caress them, and tomorrow you are in a bad mood, and you are having a showdown.

If you have forbidden something to your pet, you should not be lenient. All the rules must apply in the house. If a kitten bites its hands, grabs its legs, scratches its skin to tears, do not play with hands and feet, the next time the hunting instinct will work when you do not expect this. Teach your pet that your hands are always gentle and tender.

By following these simple rules, you can avoid some problems with your pet. Soon the kitten will find out what is good and what is bad, and will bring peace and tranquility to the house, and you will find peace and affection.

It should immediately be said that in addition to proper care for the kitten, you just need to raise it well. If good care provides good health through proper nutrition, hygiene and the creation of all the necessary conditions for a full life of the animal, then education plays a key role in how comfortable and harmonious your life will be with your pet.

kitten upbringing

Raising kittens at home

The upbringing process is possible while the kitten is small, it only forms as a personality that does not determine its habits, preferences and lifestyle. Raising an adult pet is simply impossible, so you can not miss his childhood, otherwise it will be too late to complain that the animal has grown intolerably for living together.

Kittens require attention, care and education for several months will achieve the desired results.

First, do not take the kitten too small. A kitten under the age of 3 months is in great need of motherhood and education. A mother cat will teach him all the skills inherent in his genes, teach him to hunt, wash, play and much more. The stage of natural education will help the kitten become stronger psychologically and be ready to move to a new home, away from the mother. Raising a very small kitten is a very difficult task.

How to raise a kitten correctly?

As soon as the kitten appears in your house, he will immediately begin the process of his education. A kitten does not know how to behave in a new environment, so be patient – it will be a difficult transition period for both you and the kitten, as you will have new worries and things to do.

Do not leave the kitten alone, remember, this is an animal that has its own instincts, it is adapted to life in nature, and not in the apartment! That is why you need to teach your kitten how to behave in your house, what he can and cannot do. Believe me, he will not guess and learn this.

This is funny when owners of adult cats and cats complain about the terrible tricks of their pets, their revenge and aggressiveness. If the animal behaves in this way, then this is the direct fault of its owner.

And yet, how do you raise a kitten?

This is not an easy question. Start talking with your kitten, and most importantly – this is the tone of your voice. Kittens may not fully understand your words, but your intonation should indicate to them that they did something wrong.

But this does not mean that you should yell at your child. If you allow yourself to be aggressive towards your pet, be prepared to get the same attitude back. There is no need to intimidate or shake the animal’s nervous system.

Obviously, you cannot hit a kitten, so you will raise an aggressive or intimidated animal with inappropriate behavior that, if possible, will avenge your past grievances.

Imagine that a kitten is a child, so it will be easier for you to adapt to the upbringing process and avoid overly harsh treatment.

A kitten must be brought up in discipline and kept on a daily basis. Thus, your kitten will be able to get used to the order from a very young age. Kittens should have a clear idea of ​​what is allowed and what is not. The main thing in this case is your sequence. If you have identified a specific place where your kitten will eat, do not let him take food to another place. If you notice that your kitten has left with a piece of food, strictly tell him: “No!” And take him back to where he should be fed. Repeat this as often as necessary until your kitten understands this rule.

There is nothing more harmful in discipline if you do not support it yourself. For example, at some point you will want to feed the kitten at the table, so do not be surprised, not to mention shouting at him, if you catch him on the table the next time you have dinner. You have violated the boundaries of what you are allowed to do, and weaning your kitten is harder than just following the rules you prescribed!

Place for the night of a kitten

Now let’s talk about where he sleeps. It is better if the kitten has its own special place. Many cat owners allow them to sleep in bed with their cats. According to experts, this is not necessary!

The fact is that the smell of your bed is the one that concentrates the most. As a leader for your pet, you must maintain your power. When you allow your pet to sleep with you, thus aligning your position with the position of your pet in his eyes. Often, many cats go to bed with their owners without permission and without any ceremony. It only shows that the cat does not respect your authority and therefore will listen to you much worse.

If your kitten comes to you at night, he is afraid to be alone in his crib, take him to his home and stay with him until he calms down and falls asleep.

Try to make it as comfortable as possible, observe whether it is convenient for him in this crib, maybe it needs to be moved to another place closer to the battery, or where there is a good view of the room and you can clearly see. This will make him calmer and more pleasant if he falls asleep.

In addition, a dream with a kitten can create serious trouble: in a dream, you can accidentally crush a kitten, in addition, there have been cases when a person pushed or moved a cat in a dream and he was frightened, scratched the person in response, getting into the eye with a claw. Such failure can seriously damage vision, leaving a veil on the cornea for the rest of your life. Even if you cut the claws of an animal, there is no guarantee that you have not missed a single claw, this may be enough to cause concern.

Teach a kitten to a scratching post

If we are talking about claws, be sure to buy a kitten a hairbrush and show him how to use it. Put your kitten’s paws on the surface and let him feel that his claws are clinging to him, and he will soon be able to use it with pleasure and without your help.

If you notice that the scratches are not enough for him and he is scratching your furniture, do not let him do this by saying “No!” And move him to the scratch. Some people recommend that cats lubricate the kitten’s furniture with the zest of orange because they don’t like the smell of orange, and this can help them take the furniture away from spoilage.

Regarding your kitten’s toilet

A separate topic is the cat’s room. If you bought a kitten from a professional breeder, he is probably already used to the tray. All you have to do is buy a similar tray and dressing table so that your pet’s familiar smell helps him find his way. You just need to show your kitten where the tray is, placing it there after eating.

The same tip will work for kittens that have not previously been trained to use the litter box, and you will have to do it yourself. Buy a tray with low borders to make it easier for a small kitten to get inside. Insert the filler into the tray. When your kitten eats, immediately put it in the tray. The fact is that small kittens should defecate quickly enough after eating. A rumble with a filler, instinct will make your kitten dig a hole, and he will want to go to the toilet.

Do not scold your kitten if he needs somewhere in the apartment. Do not poke him in the puddle he made. Clean up after him. Bring the kitten to the tray and put the same napkin in the tray. Your kitten will smell it and understand what to do next time. Wash the area thoroughly so that there is no odor.

Keep the tray clean and change the filler regularly to remove dirty stains.

Kittens should be able to sleep, relax and play on a schedule and receive food on time.

Feeding kitten

The kitten’s diet changes as he grows up, if he needs 5 meals a day for 3 months, then 4 meals a day for six months, then 2 meals a day. After only 11 months, an adult pet can determine when to eat.

Nutrition is very important for a kitten. A balanced and proper nutrition will strengthen the baby’s health and allow him to develop harmoniously. Do not let your kitten become naughty, forcing you to offer him various dishes. This will ruin him.

Of course, food should not only be healthy, but also tasty.

Play with a kitten

Do not forget to play with your kitten. The game makes friends. Do not use arms and legs for playing, otherwise, as an adult cat, it will hurt you to get into the body, causing severe discomfort.

Play with a kitten with special toys, it can be balls, fluffy balls, mice, etc. The main thing is that the toy was made of safe material, does not have small parts that it can swallow.

Do not let your kitten climb over you, cling to clothes and scratch you, as in adulthood you will not prevent him from spoiling your things.

Do not forget about the hygiene of your pet!

Teach a kitten to take care of itself. Comb your kitten every day. This is not very pleasant for a cat, but good for a coat, so let it get used to cleaning from childhood.

Clean your cat’s ears and eyes and cut its claws.

The sooner your kitten gets used to swimming, the easier it will be for him to do it later.

There is dry cleaning in the form of aerosols, which are sprayed onto the wool and combed with dirt. It is recommended to carry out water procedures at least once every two months.

Kittens should be bathed with special shampoos appropriate for the type of coat they wear. The pet store will give you advice and help you choose the right shampoo.

Of course, swimming is stress. Do not scream or hit the kitten when it is about to break free. Choose a comfortable water temperature for your kitten, which will be closer to the kitten’s body temperature of 38-39 ° C. Gentle and kind words will help your kitten relax. Wash the kitten in a basin, do not take a shower, it can scare him. In another basin, wash away the shampoo.

It is better to dilute the shampoo a little with water, so that it is easier and faster to wash. Soapy water should not get into the ears, mouth, eyes and nose of your kitten. Leave the kitten’s head dry and wipe it with a wet palm at the end of the bath.

After bathing, wrap the kitten in a large towel and dry it with a quiet hairdryer so as not to burn or scare.

Treat the kitten calmly and emotionally and establish a trusting relationship between you and your pet. cat2 (1) .jpg
If you define raising a kitten as a single principle, it’s one thing that you shouldn’t let your kitten do what you don’t want him to do as an adult.

Kittens will grow up, and care and upbringing should change, but your love and patience should be the same. If you want a soft, gentle and obedient pet, bring it up with love and tenderness!

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