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How to train a kitten to a tray

How to train a kitten to a tray

One of the main tasks that comes with the appearance of a cat in the house is to develop the habit of helping her get into the tray. Sometimes this does not require effort on the part of the owner, but in some cases it may be useful to understand some aspects of the cat’s behavior and its maturation.

If the kitten was taken from the nursery, it is easy to accustom him to the tray, and the mother has already instilled this skill into him. It is enough to ask the breeder for a little filler from the dog tray, which is used in the kennel, so that he uses it in a new place. Then she will quickly understand what is required of her. It is much more difficult to deal with kittens who were taken from the street or who were taken away from their mother early.

When to teach a kitten to a tray?

The kitten’s personality and basic skills are formed within two to seven weeks after birth. This is the time when the owner should get the most out of it.

How to teach a kitten to walk in a tray?

Individual animals understand everything at once, and then no special efforts will be required from the owner. But in most cases it is not so simple. It’s good if you prepare for new kitten habits and spend some time to develop new habits for him.

The first problem that the owner must eliminate is that the cat is stressed by the move. So at first it is better to place it in a small room and put the tray here.

After the kitten is eaten, it should be taken to a tray with a light massage of the stomach. Over time, the cat will understand what it needs to do at this stage, especially when you consider that the cat usually has a desire to do this after eating.

What should i avoid while using the toilet?

If your kitten does something wrong, do not scold him, as he will come to the conclusion that he was punished not for that place, but for what he did wrong. If this happens, he may begin to defecate secretly, for example, hiding behind a closet. It’s much more effective to just talk to him in a strong voice, but you can’t hit him on the nose or cover him in a puddle.

What place to choose a kitten’s toilet?

Best of all, if it is a secluded place where the cat will not bother. Watching your cat will show you which places she likes best. Perhaps one of them is the most suitable place for the trash bin. As soon as your kitten gets used to work, you can gradually begin to move the toilet in the right direction.

If he chooses a place that is not suitable for the owner, he will need to thoroughly clean it, remove all odors and put a bowl of water and food in it. Due to its cleanliness, the cat will not be able to cope with the situation near its own dining room.

To attract the attention of the animal to the litter tray, you can experiment with fillers. After you put the kitten in the tray after eating, try to rustle it with a filler that may interest him.

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But even if you see rapid progress, do not forget that the habits of cats are finally formed only after six months. Therefore, do not be tempted by the good behavior of your cat and do not let her have complete freedom in the house.

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