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How to wean a kitten to sharpen claws about furniture and wallpapers

How to wean a kitten to sharpen claws about furniture and wallpapers

Every cat owner knows that his cat’s claws are sharpened. This usually poses a serious threat to furniture, walls and door frames. Experienced owners know that the nail formation process can be significantly less painful for the interior. Do this only when the kitten is still young. How to wean a kitten from furniture so that it does not sharpen its claws?

kitten sharpens claws

Why do cats sharpen their claws?

It is important to understand that the claw point for a cat is a natural necessity inherent in her nature.

To do this, she needs any vertical object. When she does this, she naturally removes dead plates and old cells from her claws. This process is useful not only for care, but also for muscle training.

In addition, this is how cats mark their territory. Sharpening its claws on a particular subject, the cat leaves its own smell on it, making it clear that this is its territory. This instinct manifests itself quite early in kittens.

Kitten rescue claw

As soon as you get a special scratching post, you can forget about scratches on the furniture. This is a very important thing for the development of a kitten, which you need to buy soon after returning home so that he can quickly get used to it. When choosing a scratching stand, prefer a stable model with a natural coating.

cat sharpens claws

Your kitten gets used to the scratching post

To make sure that your pet immediately understands the purpose of the claw point, pay attention to the places where it usually sharpens its claws. This is where it is recommended to set the claw point. This masks the area your cat is used to, and redirects its energy to a new object.

Experienced breeders say that next to the place where your cat sleeps, you can place a rack. Then, in addition to its main function, it will also serve as a means of morning exercises, which will also have a beneficial effect on the health of the cat.

If scratches do not attract your cat’s attention, tell her why they are needed: as soon as your kitten begins to sharpen its claws around an object in the house, take it with you and take a claw brush, and so on every time he does not understand.

How to overcome the bad habits of a kitten?

Even if your kitten is used to sharpening claws on furniture or walls, it can be weaned. The smell of citrus will help, cats can not stand it. You can gently wipe the furniture and other items in the house with an orange, lemon or flavor.

After this, it remains only to observe the behavior of the cat. If she continues to sharpen her claws in the wrong place, ignoring the scratches, she will have to change tactics. Try clapping your hands loudly to scare her away, spray water on her. Repeat this until your pet understands that this is wrong. Patience and consistency will bear fruit: the cat will get used to the scratching post, and the furniture and things will remain intact.

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